Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!

Today we found out for sure: we're having a baby girl!  
We're overjoyed and thank God for answering our prayers that the ultrasound would show a healthy, growing baby.

We got a bunch of photos, but we'll just give you these three.  Out of modesty, we'll save the photo which shows the evidence that she's a girl for family members eyes' only.  ;-)

Now it's time to start getting girlie stuff for her. Stay tuned for a name choice.


Rachel said...

congratulations! Arianne get ready to fall in love with Greg all over again when you see him with his little girl. I just love seeing the special bond that Shawn and Carly have. We love you guys! And we're so happy for you.

ann said...

YAY BABY GIRL! :) I thought you already chose Grerianne as a name... :)

Jason said...

A sweet baby girl - how wonderful. We love our little girl! :) I love the little footprint....she's already leaving her mark on your hearts!

NandL said...

Congratulations!! Awwww, she sure is lucky. ^-^

Hey, how would you like some very gently used Japanese baby girl clothes....? I would love to pass them on if you're interested!!

Laura H...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations you two!! Just for the record, they told us we were having a girl and was a boy, you can't believe them anyway so you never know! Just know you is having a baby!

God Bless,