Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby girl is coming soon!

It's only 16 days until our little girl is scheduled to arrive! We've been going to baby classes and having baby showers and baby blessings (thanks, everyone!) and preparing the house.  

So far, Arianne and the baby are doing well - everything seems normal. Arianne's starting to feel more uncomfortable as the baby grows. And we're more and more able to see our baby's movements in there. It's amazing to see.

Here's what you really want to see - photos of Arianne.  The first photo is Arianne before Christmas.

Here's one of the two of us.

These two photos were taken just today. 


Damon and Amy said...

You look great! I can't believe you just have 16 more days...woo hoo!

Rachel said...

So excited for you. This is such a neat time. We'll be praying for you as the time winds down to your meet your daughter face to face.

Unknown said...

I'm excited for you guys!

Campbell Family said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new Gillham! Praying for a healthy and safe delivery... Rusty and Laura

NandL said...

Uwaaa, sweet pics! You guys will really treasure those pics, I am sure. ;)
You're in the home stretch. Hang in there!! ^-^
Laura H...