Monday, June 22, 2009

Addi's First month

After we brought Addi home, we had a lot to learn. But she's an amazing little girl, if we do say so ourselves! And we were so blessed to have Arianne's mom Sherryl staying with us to help out. Thanks Sherryl! 

Here are some of the photos from Addi's first month of life...

We brought her home and she was so tiny.

She was too little for her seat.

She tried to tell us what was wrong.

Aaaah, sleep.

Her naps were slowly getting longer.

Her first bath at home.  Addi, "Mom, watch the eyes!"

Whatchu talkin bout?!

More sleep.

Three generations.

We started taking Addi out to eat.

Addi loves her Grandma Smith!

We took Addi to church.

We celebrated a big one for Daddy.

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